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Longitude LLC is the inventor and distributor of the Longitude Enhanced Pari-Mutuel System™, a pool betting technology platform that uses advanced mathematical principles and cutting-edge computing techniques to facilitate innovation. The Longitude Enhanced Pari-Mutuel System enables sports betting and race track operators to offer a wider range of bet types, a richer display of odds data, and bigger pools with more stable odds. By allowing a range of different types of wagers on an individual race or sporting event to be aggregated into merged pools, the Longitude Enhanced Pari-Mutuel System makes more efficient use of existing liquidity. Furthermore, the technology can generate additional liquidity by allowing new bet types to be launched directly into existing pools. Partners in the industry include the Hong Kong Jockey Club and Tabcorp.

The globally patented Longitude Enhanced Pari-Mutuel System has its roots in the financial markets, where it has been used for the pricing and settlement of markets on a range of financial and naturally occurring events, such as credit, economic statistics, and weather.

Longitude LLC and Longitude SA are wholly-owned subsidiaries of Nasdaq, Inc. Longitude SA is the exclusive licensee of the intellectual property rights for the Longitude technology. Longitude LLC is the sales and marketing agent of Longitude SA.

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